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How To Create Property
Before being able to create and upload your property, payment must be made to our bank or to either mobile money accounts to activate the ‘Create New Listing’ function. You can view our fees and how they apply on our PACKAGES page.
How To Pay: For MTN Mobile Money
 1. Dial *303#
 2. Select option 5 (MoMo Pay)
 3. Select option 1 (Merchant Code)
 4. Enter 176400
 5. Enter Amount
 6. Enter order number given to you by Fyndhouse as Reason For Payment
 7. Enter Your Mobile Money Pin and Approve
 8. After payment has been approved, your account will be activated and updated with full details of payment visible on your account page.
How To Upload Property
When you click ‘Create Listing’, You will be directed to the ‘Create Property‘ page. Simply just fill in the necessary information (all fields preferably) and then click ‘Create Property’. Property will be uploaded.


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